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2012 Austin Race for the Cure


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57 percent of goal achieved.

Austin Race for the CureŽ

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Start a Team Join a Team Register as Individual

Register online using the buttons above to start a team, join a team, or register as an individual.

Note most people register ten days before the Race and the servers can get bogged down. If you are having issues please try to register at an off peak time (mid-morning or after 9pm). If you are experiencing problems logging in, clear your cache and cookies, close your browser, reopen your browser and try again.

Race Information

Your questions about fees, deadlines, and alternative methods to register are available on the Race Information page.

Race Registration stats

Number of participants registered: 14,395

Number of teams registered: 889 

Lists: Companies | Teams


*Please note thermometers, progress meters, and lists (overall, personal and team) include registration fees, in addition to donations this year. However, registration fees do NOT count towards fundraising (i.e. getting donations) goals or contests.